London, Brighton and a bite of Sussex. This was my trip to England on November 2017.

Londra, Brighton e un assaggio del Sussex. Questo è stato il mio viaggio in Inghilterra nel Novembre del 2017.

England's peaceful residential zones are fantastic.
The northen light in the morning is pure magic.
Is there something better than an English breakfast to start the day?
Don't you just love Squirrels? Here's one posing like a pro in Hyde Park.
Panning photography could be tricky but certanly delivers much satisfaction!
Central London, near Hyde Park on a rare sunny day.
Camnden Town is a must see for London's visitors!
A beautiful light refraction on the skyscrapers near the London Bridge.
The Tate Modern, one of my favourite galleries.
Who owns this?
Inside the Tate Gallery.
Rooftop view.
The light that morning was amazing.
I love the mix of ancient and contemporary architecture in London. They coexist in a gret balance.
London's people is nice.
Great city.
A breathtaking sunset on the Tame.
Piccadilly Circus.
China Town.
High Gate Park and its Autumn shades.
This must be somewhere, but I really can't remember! I accept suggestions though!
The reflections that the rain gives on the floor are pure gold.
London's Eye.
The Natural History Museum.
The Portait Gallery in London.
The Design Museum, you just have to visit it.
A nice Country house in Sussex.
Sheeps. I mother used to say that you can get rich if you cheer them. I guess she was wrong!
Devils's Dyke. I loved this breahtaking landscape.
Cows, cows everywhere.
Brighton. I love the colors of these buildings, they're going to shine on sunny days!
Another beautiful Brighton's spot.
Brighton's beach.
Brighton's Pier. This place has something magical and nostalgic.
Yet another view of Brighton's Pier.
Brighton at night.
Actually it was an excellent driver!
A beautiful day in Brighton.
Back to London and its terrific urban sunstes.
Sunset Kensington.
I really don't know what that guy was up to, but he was very fascinating.
Walking in London's parks is truly a pleasure.
I just loved that car.
I din't know that London had canals. Such a beautiful surprise.
Fireworks on the tame on my last day.