Palermo is a melting pot of different cultures. It has being dominated during the centuries by several different occupation forces and this can be seen in the faces of its inhabitants and architecture. From “U Capu” market to “Vucciria”, from the beautiful historical center to “La Zisa” and its “Cantieri Culturali”, I tried to get a picture of the whole city.

Palermo è un crogiolo di differenti culture. È stata dominata nel corso dei secoli da differenti forze di occupazione e questo può essere facilmente notato nei volti dei suoi abitanti e in quello dei suoi palazzi. Dal mercato “U Capu” alla Vucciria, dal bellissimo centro storico a La Zisa e i suoi Cantieri Culturali, ho cercato di ottenere una rappresentazione dell’intera città.

The night in Palermo, after a rainy day. The reflections on the floor are mesmerizing.
Street food sellers, with their smoke turn the streets at night in a cinematic scenario.
The majestic Teatro Massimo.
The streets show the devotion of the population to numerous saints.
"U Capu" market, one of the most authentic places in town
Street food at "U Capu" market
The merchants are beautiful
Look at him! I love his style.
Fresh and delicious fish delivered everyday.
When it's raining people don't give up and cover their clothes with plastic sheets to dry them in the streets.
The light is so dramatic.
Saints, saints everywhere!
A view of Piazza Pretoria, known as Piazza della Vergognia (Shame Square) for the nudity of the statues decorating the fountain.
The following images are from the church of Santa Caterina, once home of clown monks. A place of a incredible beauty and misterious atmosphere.
The Church of Santa Caterina, garden.
Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio and Chiesa di San Cataldo. A genuine example of the fusion of different cultures and styles that makes Palermo so peculiar.
The Church of Santa Caterina, stares to the rooftop.
The Church of Santa Caterina, aisle.
The hug.
The Church of Santa Caterina, view from the rooftop.
Everyday life is never been so interesting.
People cooking street food at "La Vucciria", a must see neighborhood.
Sleeping after work.
Palermo is surrounded by mountains. This make its climate very enjoyable.
Chiesa ipogea della Madonna della Provvidenza. One of the most beautiful Churches I ever seen.
A Puppet maker.
Palermo's Cathedral.
I love British Bulldogs.
A view of Quartieri Culturali della Zisa, an example of Industrial archeology.
Inside Quartieri Culturali della Zisa, everyday life.
La Zisa.
A barking dog between drying clothes in La Zisa.
Ordinary life in La Zisa.
In Sicily you can still see horses riding on the streets. This is pure magic to me.
Shasows play in Quartirei Culturali la Zisa.
I envy cats. Very much.